ABO Digital Contributes $25M to Extended Reality Metaverse Company Spheroid Universe

Spheroid secures $25 Million in an investment commitment by ABO Digital as a strategic finance partner.
Spheroid, an AR/XR platform, uses the SPH utility token to power all activities within its ecosystem.

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Spheroid’s funding commitment from ABO Digital is a significant milestone. The company plans to use the funds to continue building tools and capabilities in Spheroid Universe. Spheroid Script (a cross-platform programming language designed to speed up and lower the cost of developing AR/XR apps) and Spheroid Demiurge IDE, a cloud-based integrated development environment for programmers, designers, and programmers who collaborate on AR/XR projects, are just two examples.
Spheroid Universe Managing director Andrea De Marco stated that ABO Digital’s commitment will allow Spheroid to continue developing and scaling its infrastructure.
“We are excited about working with the Spheroid crew going forward,” stated Amine Nedjai (Director of ABO Digital). “Spheroid builds essential tools for creators within the AR/XR area which we believe will see increased demand over the course of time.”
About Spheroid
Spheroid Universe (Spheroid), a company that extends reality metaverses, announced today that it has received an investment commitment from ABO Digital to its utility token SPH. Spheroid is a platform that allows for the development of extended reality projects. Spheroid XR Cloud is the technological foundation of the platform. Spheroid Script programming language is used for AR/XR creation.
The native token of Spheroid ecosystem, SPH, is what fuels the activities on the platform. It can be used to exchange for Spaces (virtual land of the Spheroid Universe), for advertising in XR and placing content as well as for other platform services. Spheroid Earth is one of the products that SPH can power. It is an open-source global project to create Earth 3D Digital Twin.
ABO Digital is a digital asset investor firm that is part of the Alpha Blue Ocean group. The group has made more than $2bn in financing commitments to publicly listed companies around the world. ABO Digital is located in the Bahamas and invests worldwide in cryptocurrency projects.
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